13+ Times Mother Nature Almost Gave Us a Heart Attack
November 30, 2022
Penelope Trent

There’s no doubt that the natural world is full of breathtaking beauty and wonder. At the same time, Mother Nature nature has a scary side! As much as planet earth can make us gasp in awe, she can also make us shriek in fear. From organic optical illusions to freaky natural phenomena, these photos capture environmental encounters that were less like a nature documentary and more like a horror film.

An abandoned eagle’s nest was found full of skeletons

Researchers at the Harpy Eagle Conservation Program received quite the shock when they discovered an abandoned harpy eagle’s nest filled to the brim with bones, many of which looked eerily human. Apparently, these South American raptors hunt several species of primates that live in their habitat, but thus far they haven’t been known to hunt humans.