A Chance To Check In
April 9, 2020
Claire Miles

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of destruction to us. In situations like this, I like to try and look for the silver-lightning, as minor as it may be. One of the very few I was able to detect is the opportunity to reconnect with old friends we have fallen out of touch with.

This awful situation, along with the different holidays for different religions, is just the opportunity we needed to reach out to friends we haven’t spoken with in a while.

These are the friends that during our busy day-to-day life we don’t always text; The kind of friends that sometimes, along the way, will suddenly come to our mind and we’d wonder how they’re doing. These are the friends that we just don’t understand how we lost touch with.

I, for example, have this friend from college that used to be one of my closest friends, we were inseparable. Then, when we graduated, and each of us went our separate way, we fell out of touch. I always wonder how she is, hoping she’s doing ok and feeling guilty for not reaching out. This crisis, along with easter right around the corner, helped me reach out to her and renew our connection.

This is the time to get together, to reconnect with an old friend. Even though it feels like the relationship has come to an end and that person doesn’t want to hear from you anymore, you have no idea how nice it is to hear from an old friend. So, reach out to your old friend, ask them how they’re doing, wish them a happy holiday. We are all going through this together.

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