A Festival Outfit For Wheelchair Users
July 10, 2018
Penelope Trent

Recently,  there has been an increasing amount of designers that have started to introduce adaptive clothing to those with disabilities. Now, it’s ASOS turn, who have taken part in an exciting collaboration with a a para-athlete to make a special jumpsuit for wheelchair users.

It took months to create the perfect festival outfit that would not only be the ideal rainy-weekend-on-the-grass look, but would also have people who used wheelchairs taken to heart as well.

What they came out with is a tie-dye, watercolor jumpsuit with long sleeves and long pants. The jacket and trousers zip together to make it easier to take on and off, and both are completely waterproof.

Ball-Hopkins, the para athlete that worked together with ASOS announced the new release on twitter and explains that it’s not only for wheelchair users, but for anyone that wants accessible fashion.

The collaboration began when Ball-Hopkins got soaked at a festival and decided to be proactive about it. She immediately got in touch with ASOS herself and offered them her unique ideas.

Hopkins (as do we) hopes that there’s a whole lot more to come in when it comes to accessible fashion!

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