A Fitness Influencer Posted A Bad Photo Of Herself
May 2, 2018
Laura Lee

Chinae Alexander, a popular fitness influencer on Instagram seriously caught my eye with her recent post.  She shared that she did not want to post this ‘bad’ image of herself because of the way her stomach looked, and it’s completely refreshing to see that I’m not alone. Do you feel that way too? Isn’t it nice to know that even for the most influential of people, confidence doesn’t always come so naturally and easy?  

How does Chinae deal with it? First and foremost, she explains that understanding that everyone has struggled with body image at some point or another is a very important step. Knowing that you aren’t alone is already everything.  Chinae reveals that rather than dwelling on her negative thoughts, she tries to accept the fact that they are there and exists, and tries to do something positive for yourself to get passed those negatives thoughts.

The inspiring Instagrammer touches on the fact that loving your body is a journey that is not something that happens in the blink of an eye. It’s something that needs to be practiced daily, and it means to accept and love yourself for you and all your imperfections. It means making the conscious choice to value yourself and your worthiness.

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