A Girl’s Guide to Japanese Food
July 17, 2023
Claire Miles

Eating the all-famous, delicious sushi at an expensive restaurant makes us wonder what other wonders Japanese cuisine has in store for us. A look at Japanese cuisine makes us appreciate its versatility. From sushi to ramen, Japanese cuisine has got us covered.

The main staple of Japanese cuisine is Fish which stays at the heart of whatever dish it offers. The coastline primarily inspires their cuisine, and they prefer to use and eat seafood for most dishes. On an island surrounded by water, it is natural to have seafood as their natural choice, which is also rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Japanese people, especially fishermen, have Gods to ask for fortune in fishing, reflecting the bond fish and the Japanese have.

Getty Images/ Moment/ hiroyuki nakai

While the rest of the world has bacon and eggs for breakfast, the Japanese have rice and miso with a vegetable pickle. Japanese have their soul in cooking; they prefer to eat at home, and cooking is their way to rest on a holiday. With all the uniqueness Japanese breakfast has to offer, it is still delicious in its way.

With the increased robotization of lives, the Japanese do not always have time to eat at home. But even with hectic schedules, they do not eat out or order fast food. They prefer to make meals with ready-made stuff but still choose to eat healthily at home. Food in Japan is increasingly diverse, inspired by ingredients that both land and the sea have to offer. Their food tells a story of their ancient roots, which is inspiring yet also innovative.

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