A Letter To The Universe
July 31, 2018
Alexandra Wade

To my dear universe, me and everyone else knows that you want us to have the best life possible. But what we haven’t yet figured out? Why you have such a strange way of showing it.

We know that you do is for our own good, but sometimes it hurts along the way. We know that pain can’t be avoided, but it really sucks sometimes, not going to lie.

There are moments that stress us out like crazy and that make us feel like you don’t really have our best interests in your heart. It sometimes, sorry to say, seems like you actually want to suffer and have terrible lives.

Every now and then we must scream at you, either in our heads or out loud, or by aggressive actions. We’ve all got our own way of screaming at you, but ultimately we’re all trying to understand the same one thing, and that’s why. Why, why, why is this happening to us? Why can’t you help us make our dreams come true?

We’ve got such a love hate relationship with you. You made us so angry, yet you still guide us, and we will always be grateful for you, even if we don’t show it. No matter how much you hurt us and how mad you make us, we all know deep down that everything happened for a greater reason, for something larger than ourselves.

Universe, we will always trust to you, and be grateful for everything that you’ve given us, to allow us to be allow and breathing, to feel love, pride, excitement..

We promise to never forget all of that.

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