A New Perspective
June 5, 2020
Claire Miles

My friend and colleague, Laura Lee, wrote not too long ago about seeing the silver lining in this crazy and uncertain time of the Coronavirus pandemic. Reading what she wrote got me thinking on what was the silver lining for me during this time if it even exists. After giving it much thought, I finally reached an understanding – I did gain something from this time, a new perspective. As some of you may recall, because I opened up about this matter many times before, I started working at a new job last September. In the beginning, I had a hard time and couldn’t wait to get out of there. However, somewhere along the way, around February, things took a shift. I suddenly noticed that I formed some connections in this place and that it’ll be hard for me to leave it. Tracing that realization back to when it first hit me, I see it was during this time of the virus’ outbreak.

Getty Images/ Moment/ d3sign

See, when things escalated, my boss wanted to transfer me as my department was facing a shutdown. Seeing how everything could change in a second, seeing how it could all just disappear, made me value my department and job more than I did before. It helped me see how much I love the people I work with and how much I’ll miss them if I were to leave. Also, before this time, I was uncertain about whether or not my position suits me. I was worried that it wasn’t for me, that I’m not the person for the job. However, not working for a while and doing things outside my job made me understand how much I miss it. I realized that I love doing my job and made me eager to return. There are, without a doubt, many bad things the coronavirus outbreak brought with it. However, there are sometimes that small silver lining. So, when you are feeling overwhelmed, try to remember it, try to focus on the good.

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