All Millennial’s Want From Christmas
December 23, 2018
Claire Miles

What do we really want for Christmas as millennial’s? Good question. And no, it’s not ’90s nostalgic toys and gadgets like the internet seems to believe. Our struggle in adulthood goes beyond that..

We want whatever face products Hollywood stars are wearing. We also surely wouldn’t mind all the outfits worn in Hollywood, especially those by Charlize Theron….

We also want a ton of zodiac sign articles that will tell us how special we truly are while also describing our every day problems.We want a fridge that ensures that food will never go bad that is specially built for single females.  One that especially keeps wine good for more than a week.

We could also seriously benefit from a laundromat that accepts credit cards, because what else are we really doing with our change? We wouldn’t mind if taxi companies also updated their GPS systems, because we’re tired of telling them where to go and being late for our avocado toast brunch.

A standing ovation for every time we arrive somewhere on time would be great too. A scale that lied to us would also be pretty nifty.  Other than that, we’re pretty much set for the most part. That’s not too much to ask for this Christmas, right?

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