An Important Mask Detail
July 19, 2020
Laura Lee

If you are wearing a mask, and it this time, you really should, there are a few important details that you must get right. I have posted here before a few mistakes you are possibly making when wearing your masks, and today I am going to present you with another one. Because when wearing a mask, it’s important to make sure that it’s protecting you from the coronavirus at maximum capacity. This next surprising tip might reveal to you that you’ve been accidentally wearing your mask wrong, putting you at unnecessary risk of transmission. Luckily, fixing this mistake only takes a second.


Woman making sure her mask sits right on her face.

Getty Images/ Moment/ RunPhoto


Quite simply, if your mask has pleats, the folded side should always be facing down. Multiple reasons make this statement true. First, your mask may have a bendable metal rod on one side. When the pleats face down, the bendable metal sits at the top of your nose, allowing you to adjust it to better fit your face. Fitting your mast to the size of your face helps in keeping particles and droplets out. Of course, if you are wearing the standard medical mask, the blue side should always be facing out.


Second, if your face-cover has no metal rod, properly oriented pleats help the mask fit tightly. As when the pleats face down, it allows you to extend your mask to fit below your chin, which, again, keeps particles from drifting through gaps. You should aspire your masks to fit as securely to your face as possible so that no droplets will sneak through ill-fitting areas. Another and final reason is that by putting your mask on upside down, you’re more likely to need to adjust it while wearing it. As I wrote here before, you should avoid touching your mask at all costs. Ideally, you should touch your face-cover only once when putting it on, only after washing your hands, of course. Please remain safe and healthy, everyone. Make sure to wear your mask right.


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