Angels In White
May 12, 2020
Claire Miles

My mother is a nurse. She has been a nurse for more than three decades now and has worked in various wards and departments. Now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, I am always worried about her well-being. This is a scary time for everyone, but especially for those in the frontline. The World Health Organization labeled 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.” plus, today is International Nurse Day. So, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank my mother and all the incredible nurses all over the world who work tirelessly every day to keep us all safe.    

Getty images/ Digital Vision/ ER Productions Limited

It took me a few years to understand what my mother did for a living. Of course, on paper, I knew it, but I didn’t grasp the magnitude of it until my teenage years. My mother was a part of amazing people, who work to help others, to heal them, make them feel better, to save lives. Sometimes, however, I was upset with my mother’s profession. I wished I could spend more time with her, wished she would be more available. I know it’s a bit selfish, but I couldn’t help it.

With that said, never once was my mom not there for me. No matter what she went through that day, the number of people she spent the day caring for, she always wants to know how she can help me. She listens to my problems and gives me the best advice; she knows what I need before I even say it. Whenever I heard about my mother’s work I would be filled with pride (even before now.) People always told me how she fights for every single one of her patients, how she gets things done for them. She is such a role model and inspiration to me, and I hope that I’ll be even a little bit as good of a mother and she is. I love you, Mom! I can’t wait to give you a huge hug when all of this is over.

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