Appreciate the heartbreak, it brought you here
June 9, 2019
Jade Kerr

Breakups are never easy. It’s even harder when you didn’t see it coming, weren’t the initiator and had no say on the matter. But, a very recent breakup opened my eyes to a different perspective – gratitude. So this is a message to my ex:

Thank you! For making me chase after your love and approval because, while I was searching for love from you, I’ve found it from someone better – myself.

Thank you for the countless nights of wondering where you were and what you were doing, as it taught me what trust really means. It taught me what I never want ever again. Thank you for constantly making me ask myself “why me?” because it showed me my value and how much I’m worth.

Thank you for all the girls you looked at when you thought I couldn’t see because after all those hours I spent looking at myself in the mirror, I began seeing my body in a different light and discovered true beauty is something that comes from within.

Thank you for showing up only when it was convenient for you because I learned to stop waiting around for something that obviously wasn’t coming, and instead start running towards the things I desire, towards achievable goals, and made them my reality.

Thank you for all the questions and messages you left unanswered because instead of searching for answers from you, I began trusting my gut and instincts and not only rely on others and seek their opinion.

Thank you for not checking on me when I felt I could barely hold on because it showed me that the only one that will truly look out for me and will always be there for me, is me. It made me a true survivor.

Thank you for changing my life, and though I felt I couldn’t make it without you I wouldn’t be who I am today – and for that, I am so thankful for you.

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