Are You Living Your Best Life?
June 17, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Are you living your best life? If you’re going for what you really want in life, and understand that you only have one life to live then sounds like you’re on the right track.  If you are not ok with simply existing and living an average life, and are constantly pushing to reach your dreams, jumping at every chance to help you achieve your goal, then you have found one of the most important ingredients to happiness.

If you know how to never listen to your voice of self-doubt, then you’re doing well.  If you know how much of a priority your health is, then that is key in you living a fulfilling life. Appreciating the life and everything you have also gives us the best life, because it’s all about perspective. You know how much you have to offer, and it’s not about what you have or don’t have, you are the essence of a wealthy person in your very being.

Being present and practising mindfulness is part of the learning process of being good to yourself.  One of the most valuable secrets of living your best life is leaving your comfort zone. By saying yes to every unexpected adventure, you are allowing yourself to experience everything the world has to offer you, and will find places and people that you could have never before imagined.

Knowing how and when to say no is also important, throwing old and toxic routines is invaluable.  Understanding that the world does not revolve around you can help better find your purpose in life.

To truly live your best life, you need to understand that when one door closes, another one is opening. Change is inevitable, so don’t try to avoid it. It brings excitement into life, and life is much too short to wish you were someone else. Be honest with yourself and stay true to you.

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