Are Your Standards Realistic?
October 4, 2022
Claire Miles

When it comes to dating there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. All you really have is a few tips and well your standards. Tips can be great when dating except, you can’t really base your entire relationship off tips that you read on the internet or on the tips you get from friends and family. This is because all relationships are different which means that not all tips will work for you. Instead, you need to alter the tips to fit your dating experience. Now everyone has their own standards for what they want in a partner and for what they want in a relationship.

Before we get into your standards, you need to know that having values and morals is different from your standards. Your values and morals are things that you should never have to compromise on because they make you who you are. Standards on the other hand can be compromised. This is because standards are simply things you are looking for. They aren’t really set in stone. With that said, when you start dating, you need to evaluate your standards. Evaluating your standards simply means that you look at them and see if they are realistic or simply unrealistic.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Luis Alvarez

Now just because you are evaluating your standards it doesn’t mean that you need to throw them out of the window completely. Instead, you need to see if they work in the real world. By this, we mean that you can’t have standards that you can’t even reach. If you see that you can’t even stand up to your own standards then you can’t really expect someone else to meet them. Although standards are a personal thing that is tailored to your need and wants, they also have to be fair.

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