Epic And Hilarious Bridesmaid Fails
By Laura Lee - October 15, 2019

A wedding is the most important day in every girl’s life. Who better than to help a new bride navigate the many events of her special day than five of her closest besties? But apparently, sometimes even the most well-intentioned friends end up totally dismantling the carefully made wedding plans, From those who unwittingly steal the show to those who just have no sense of boundaries, here are some epic bridesmaid fails that will make you think twice before asking Racy Stacy to be your maid of honor.

Who’s The Weakest Link?

The wedding hasn’t even been officiated and already there’s some infidelity going down because clearly, someone cheated on their diet. What started out as a lovely photoshoot quickly turned sopping wet on account of what appears to be one too many McMuffins. But hey, nobody’s pointing fingers at the bride, of course.