At A Crossroads
September 8, 2019
Laura Lee

Life is full of choices. I myself face a choice that can change my life drastically. I am scared of what’s ahead and don’t know what to expect. At the end of the day, choices must be made. My fear doesn’t help me in the slightest. At a crossroads, we can either feel paralyzed with fear or inspired about the possibilities, and I hope to achieve the latter. What I need to remember is that crossroads are about change, and I need to learn how to thrive in those times instead of letting my fear paralyze me.

It’s difficult to get to that point, I’m not saying otherwise. We all go through life and face making choices daily. My fear is something I wish badly I could change. I want to get through life’s crossroads, to make it a profound moment of growth and self-learning. So, I want to suggest and present some tips that I’ve received along the way. I want all of you also struggling with this issue to try them with me. Hopefully, they will prove useful and effective. Let’s jump right into the first one. 

Don’t rush the process. We live in a world of immediate response and instant satisfaction. However, our decision making should be a process of much thought and debate. We shouldn’t pressure ourselves to make crossroad choices immediately. We shouldn’t rush through the process. While you gather advice and information, put off a decision for as long as you can.

Dream bigger. Don’t settle for normal. When we choose the ordinary, we can expect the unremarkable. We should dream bigger, change what we expect from life and develop the right environment for your growth and success.       

Trust your gut. We all know deep within ourselves what we want and need to do. We need to learn to trust our instincts and wisdom. When we don’t act on what we feel is true and right, we lose power and energy. We need to trust our inner judgment, because after all, who knows us better than ourselves?

Don’t try to force things to happen. Attempt to control or manipulate things into happening is a typical response to the fear that comes with change. We don’t understand that by panicking about making a choice we actually make a decision to not take action. We should move with the change and not against it.  

Maybe most important is – don’t obsess over the possibility that you’ll fail. Failure is a part of life. When we do face crossroads with fear, the possibility we would consider doing it again decreases dramatically. We have to remind ourselves that failure is a part of life, that it’s just another way to start over better and wiser.

So, here are all the tips I have collected along the way that might help. We need to learn to take risks, to take a stand, to dare, in order to see that things are not as scary and threatening as they seem to be. Like I mentioned before, crossroad choices in life are never easy. Hopefully, these pieces of advice are going to help you and I navigate these decisions better. I wish you nothing but luck on your journey.

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