Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life
October 14, 2021
Alexandra Wade

Once you find home within, you will stop trying to find it in others and radiate needy energy. For years, I tried to fight loneliness by searching for solace in friends, partners, and other external things. I would focus all my energy and efforts on that one thing hoping to receive the payoff and it would leave me hollow in the end. I was left time and time again to search for myself as people walked out.

Learning to be alone in my own company was key. I began to find balance and perspective by investing in all areas of my life. Sometimes inner demons would come up but instead of trying to run away from them, I would learn how to sit and listen to them and what they are trying to tell me.

Most importantly, I stopped trying to force things to happen or impose my wishes and expectations on other people. I learned to respect that the world has a direction that does not revolve around my desires and instead of investing energy into being angry about it I learned to accept it. Life puts everyone through ups and downs and it’s important to learn how to ride the waves as they come.

Getty Images/ Royalty-free/Jamie Grill

Naturally, as you shift your focus on yourself you create an aura where you attract positive energy that is meant for you. Understanding that the journey you are taking is your own at first can feel like a frightening thought but once embraced, it can be truly empowering. There are so many experiences to be had and adventures to take on, being your own best friend will make the journey that much more thrilling.

Positive energy always exists but the real question is if you are willing to accept it. It is only when you’re feeling good about yourself that you can open your eyes to the good experiences life has to offer and take them in your stride.

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