Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder
November 28, 2018
Laura Lee

Although you may not have heard of it, Seasonal Affective Disorder actually affects 10 million Americans. In addition, another 10 to 20 percent of the population may also suffer from a less intense form of it.

Those that suffer from this disorder tend to develop a type of depression as winter approaches. They are reported to feel exhausted, moody, and unable to continue on normally with their daily routine.

Other symptoms include losing interest in things that they previously found pleasure in, feeling worthless, as well as changes in weight, behavior and overall mood.   There are certain measures that can be taken however to make winter as pleasant as possible.

For one,  we can check in with our diet. Although historically speaking, humans would consume more during the cold months in order to keep themselves warm, now that we no longer rely on caves for heat, we need to become more conscious about our food choices.  Eating too much sugar can make our blood sugar levels sky rocket, give us a short rush, and then led to a crash.

As it gets colder, we also tend to move less. Although it’s completely understand, it can actually cause depression to worsen. Those who engage in physical activity have a lower risk of suffering from depression due to endorphins released while exercising.  Those feel good hormones last throughout the entire day too.  So if you’re feeling kind of a sluggish, going out on a run or hitting up the gym might be the answer.

During the cold holiday months many of us also tend to over spend. This however, can lead to serious stress, which can also increase depression. Try to be as honest as possible with yourself and with your friends and family. Don’t buy anything that you can’t actually afford, it’s not what will bring  you happiness ultimately.

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