Avoid Toxic Relationships
December 22, 2018
Laura Lee

Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that women are most prone to enter toxic relationships. They tend to be good girls who aim to please everyone around them, always putting others needs before their own, tuning out their own voice, and setting themselves up for unhealthy and dangerous relationships…

Let’s try to avoid this pattern.  Start by becoming comfortable with being by yourself.  Many of us settle for less than what we deserve because we fear being alone. Women are especially prone to this with social pressure coming from every corner to be in a relationship.

Decide what you are willing to accept, and what you will not stand for. Make a list of your deal breakers based on what is most important to you. Don’t compromise of what you see as essential, you deserve better than that.  Never settle for less.

When you make too many compromises, you are setting yourself up for failure. Pick a partner that you can truly see yourself spending your life with over time. Find a partner that you can love deeply and that you can feel comfortable to feel vulnerable with.  Someone that you can be fully be yourself with, that you can feel safe with and never have to fear or doubt their love for you.

Expect a certain level of mutual respect, and expect that just as you do for them, that they too will always make you feel good about yourself, that they will always value you, encourage, support and compliment you.  Make sure that you can always depend on them, and that their actions and their words always match up.

Letting go of a toxic relationship surely isn’t easy. But with the right tools and self-confidence, you can value yourself enough to know your worth and set your boundaries.

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