Awesome Comparisons That Put Things in a New Perspective
May 4, 2021
Marc Gordon

How big are blue whales when compared side by side to humans? How does the naked eye see the Milky Way in comparison to a camera? If you have always wondered how two things look like when compared to one another, you’ve come to the right place.


“My teddy bear after 22 years of love compared to his original form.”



This teddy bear has definitely been through a lot. Its owner must have really loved it to keep it this long. In fact, during all these years, we can only imagine how many times it has been in the washing machine to get to this state.


Blue whale compared to 75′ boat.



This picture taken in Newport Beach, California, shows just how large blue whales are in comparison to humans. For reference, this is a 75′ boat and the length of a blue whale is between 80 to 100 feet on average.


World’s tallest and shortest men together. 7-foot height difference.



These are the shortest and tallest men in the world. Standing at 21″, Chandra Bahadur Dangi was the shortest man in recorded history, and at 8’3″ Sultan Kösen is the tallest man on the planet.


Three Game of Thrones books in braille compared to all five paper books.



If you think that collecting all the books from the Song of Ice and Fire saga takes up too much space in your personal library, it might be time to rethink your privileges. Braille books are so much bigger than regular paper books, the ones pictured on the left are only three out of the five books from the series.