Bath & Body Mermaid Line
May 15, 2018
Laura Lee

There’s no way that I’m the only one that would pretend to be a mermaid any time I would get my hand on some water. Right? And I’m also not the only one who dreamed about being best friends with Ariel, right? Well if you can relate to me, then this Bath & Body Works Sea-Tox Mermaid Line will surely have your heart skipping a few beats right about now.

The new Sea-Tox line doesn’t only sound cute, but will also bring so much adorableness to your shower. It’s a 13 piece collection that’s got all kinds of incredible beauty products, including masks, body washes and hair care products, covering you from head to tail. And best of all? Every item is less than $17.

After trying everything out, I can truly say that I have managed to release my inner mermaid, with all the products containing a fresh and aquatic scent that no one can not like.  They’re also totally skin-loving with ingredients taken right from the sea. Oh and did we mention how Insta-worthy these products are?!

All of the products will leave your skin as soft as a baby’s buff, and provide unbeatable relief for your body and mind.

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