Be Your Own Valentine
February 15, 2020
Claire Miles

Yesterday, millions of couples all over the world celebrated Valentine’s Day. However, to me, this day is not only meant for couples, but also singles. Since I can remember myself, I hated Valentine’s Day; no matter if I was in a relationship or single. If I was in a relationship, there was the anticipation and pressure; and if I was single, it only reminded me of how I didn’t have a significant other. However, over time, something changed.

One year, I decided that I had enough, that things must change. I decided that no matter what my relationship status is, I am going to spend my Valentine’s joyfully I refused to spend another Valentine’s Day feeling sorry for myself. I realized that I don’t need someone else, a partner, to validate who I am and that I am of worth. Instead, I realized that I am enough.

I understood in that year that Valentine’s Day is more than a love fest between romantic partners, but also between ourselves. Self-love is something I had always preached for and encouraged. The way I see it is that to love someone else, we must love ourselves first.

With that being said, and as I said many times before, reaching that state of mind is not easy. Self-love isn’t something we can achieve in an instant; it takes time. We have to put effort into this and work for it. Self-love isn’t only for the singles, but also those of you in relationships. Both sides must love themselves and know their worth for the relationship to be equal.

So, from now on, each Valentine’s is an opportunity to show some love to yourself. I ask you to please appreciate everything that you do for yourself, which is so much. It is time to fall in love with yourself on every Valentine’s from now on.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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