Before Texting Your Ex
May 6, 2019
Alexandra Wade

Considering texting your ex? That might not be such a great idea right now, so before you do it, how about stopping and asking yourself some crucial questions before you do something you might seriously regret.

Stop and ask yourself why you want to text him. Perhaps it’s because someone else has hurt you? It makes sense that you would want to reach out to your ex who might be able to make you feel desired after you’ve been shut down. But think about why you are really doing this, and perhaps looking for self validation from an ex isn’t the best idea. In the long run, it really won’t do you any good.

Before you text your ex, make sure that it’s not because you are looking to hear something specific and get some closure. It only makes to want to know more about all of those unanswered questions, but do you really think that through some texts you’re going to get all the information you never did before? He could ignore you, he could lie, or he could start things up with you, and leave you feeling even more frustrated. Sometimes, you just have to accept that this is the way things are and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Before you text him, stop and ask yourself if you’re trying to bring back the good old days? Perhaps those memories from the past are going through your head right now, but try to remember why you aren’t together anymore. We’re sure there’s a good reason, so be sure not to get caught up in the moment and forget that.

Before pulling out your phone to text him, make sure that it’s not just because of loneliness. It can make us do things that we really should not have. It makes sense, we all want someone to cuddle with, especially when we are lying in bed alone. But this time will pass, you just have to be patient and positive. Texting your ex will not do you any good.

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