Being a Highly Sensitive Person
November 25, 2021
Rebecca Rodriguez

Even as a kid I was more sensitive than others. When teachers would yell at us for being naughty, my friends would feel ashamed or annoyed, and I would fight back tears. Whenever there was the slightest disagreement, I would just turn silent, otherwise, I’d cry. The older I got, the more this developed. I began to find myself tearing up in movies and books where no one else would. I’d have to distract myself or look away, otherwise, tears would just spill out uncontrollably.

As an adult, it’s not just about being rebuked. I am at an age where I know my opinions and feel quite strongly about them as well. In a progressive society where equality is at the forefront of a lot of peoples’ minds, we are more aware of the pain and hardships that other people go through. It’s no longer just about avoiding sad scenes in movies. It’s about hearing other peoples’ sufferings, and genuinely feeling their pain, and crying for them. I am also a person within my own right. I have my own thoughts and feelings, and just like anyone else, I can get insulted or hurt by what people say. Comments like “but it’s just a joke” and “you’re being too sensitive” are frequently thrown my way. For a while, I did think the problem was me. Maybe I was being too sensitive, maybe I shouldn’t take things to heart. Until one day I realized that’s simply not true.

When did laughing at people (even lightly) become more important than considering other peoples’ feelings? If someone does take offense to something we’ve said, maybe we should ask why, and try to understand. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sense of humor, and I’m usually the first one to laugh at myself. But if I get upset at being the butt of someone else’s joke, that doesn’t make me ‘too sensitive’. Being sensitive is not a weakness, in fact, it’s a strength. It allows me to feel what other people are feeling, really empathize and be there for them. Not just with the downs, but also the highs. Sensitivity goes in both directions, and it also allows the highs to feel even more magnificent. It is an element of my personality that I have learned to embrace, and am now proud of; it is my superpower.

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