Being Angry Is Okay
November 16, 2018
Laura Lee

Anger.  We always view this as a negative emotion. Right? But why really? We always think of it as something unhealthy, and something that we should avoid experiencing. But why?

Anger can actually be a seriously eye opening emotion. That is, of course, if we know how to properly embrace it and express it. Anger is something that needs to be taken, and thought long and hard about.

Experiencing anger means that you care very deeply about something, so much so that it’s created an emotional impact on you.  Most of the time, we just focus on the fact that something made us angry.

But what if we stopped and looked at where the anger stemmed from, to understand what’s really important to us. Have you ever tried to stop and embrace the anger from it’s root?

People often say that anger can alter your judgment, but it can actually help you better understand the emotion. Anger is merely a shield for what’s really going on deep inside.

Anger is our body’s response to the hurt that we are feeling. So embrace it, feel it, and let it happen. Anger is an emotion, and as a human being, you need to let yourself experience them.

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