Being Unemployed, Broke And Sad
June 3, 2018
Jade Kerr

Being unemployed sucks but like big time. Money aside, there really is no worse feeling. It makes you just feel so completely worthless. Why does no one want to hire me? What have I done wrong in life? Is it because of the way I look? Something I said? Am I just flat out stupid?  I wish I knew..

And the absolute worst – why the heck does everyone around me care so much about what I’m doing?!  Seriously, please stop asking me what I’m doing with my life and where I’m working. Does my job define my life? Apparently so…

Last time I checked, I was a nice, honest, caring, and loving person. My friends and family appreciated me, and always mentioned how sympathetic and generous I am. But now? It really feels like being a good person counts for absolutely nothing in today’s society. It’s all about what’s in my bank account and how busy I am.

So here I am, unemployed, unsure what to do with myself, I feel so unappreciated and hopeless.  You might tell me to enjoy this time period in my life that I have all the freedom in the world, but like really, excuse me? What kind of freedom does a girl my age have when she’s got no job and is completely broke? Especially when she’s moved back into her mother’s house.

People these days never want to do anything that doesn’t cost money. It makes no sense! It’s all about bars, restaurants, shows, movies, shopping, coffee shops, charity events. Geez. How about coming over and watching a movie or having a ramen noodle picnic? It does not cut it for anyone I know.

Basically, I’m unemployed, broke, and sad.

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