Bella Hadid Got Into Trouble With Fans
December 3, 2020
Penelope Trent

When it comes to online fashion, there is an unwritten role between fashionistas, and their fans – one who promises a link to an item, must provide it. This week, Bella Hadid didn’t follow this rule, and her followers didn’t hold back. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s start from the beginning. It all started when Hadid uploaded a post that was meant to promote Michael Kors’ Soho bag. But, with all due respect to Kors’ bag, which is at the height of the trend with stitching that creates large squares, the followers were interested in something else. The followers wanted to know where Hadid bought her dress. In most cases, anonymous responses to celebs’ posts are not answered. However, in this case, not only did the fashion model answer, but she made a promise.

One of the followers commented on the post, writing: “This dress tho, I need it.” Hadid surprised the commented not once, not twice, but three times. First, she replied. Second, the price of the dress, and three, the promise she made but didn’t keep. “I bought it online for $ 16.99. I’m gonna find the link for you,” replied Hadid, and has been off the grid since. The particularly low price of the dress caused the other followers to flock and also ask for the link, with more than 300 comments in the continuation of the thread in question. At first, followers and commenters praised Hadid for replaying for a random comment, but quickly, the respondents became less patient and began to wonder where the link was. Some even tried finding the link themselves, and if you try to google “green halter top,” it will suggest $16.99 as an autocomplete.

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