Best Friends For(n)ever?
March 2, 2020
Claire Miles

I recently remembered something that happened to me with a good friend of mine. See, I have this best friend. We’ve been friends for many years, since middle school. At the time, we both enrolled in different colleges. As you can probably assume, we grew apart, and it has become increasingly hard to keep in touch with her. What had happened was that I was getting kind of sick of her, and I started feeling extremely bad about it.

We communicated mostly through phone and email. I found that every time she called or messaged me, I got cranky. I found myself ignoring her phones and texts, getting back to her hours after the fact. I felt constant guilt, but that didn’t change my behavior.

It isn’t that I didn’t love or care for her anymore. Each time I did talk to her, texted her, or met her, it wasn’t terrible. I still enjoyed seeing her and talking to her, however, I couldn’t deny the fact that I felt impatient whenever she reached out. I can’t help but wonder how is it that I feel this way if I still love her?

Yes, we grew apart; there is no denying that. There is nothing either of us can do about that, it’s the way of life. I guess that like many things in life, friendships also have an expiration date. It sounds awful, but it’s true. People grow apart, people change over time. Throughout our lives, we gain friends, and we lose friends.

This is hard to handle, but we have to accept it. In my case, I was fortunate enough to recover my friendship. After opening it up with her, we discussed the situation. We reminisced and went back to the roots of our friendship. It reminded me of our friendship and how important she is to me. However, it isn’t always going to end up this way, and that’s ok. As I mentioned, people grow apart, and that is completely normal.

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