Best Thing You Never Had
April 28, 2020
Jade Kerr

I‘m the best thing that you never had. You, of course, never saw it. You took me for granted and treated me like I was nothing. But you know what? That wasn’t the worst thing you have ever done to me. The worst part was that you made me believe your lies, that I deserve this treatment from you, that this is what love is. I fell for you, and so, I let you mess with me and my emotions.

Getty Images/ Westend61

We met at that sports bar, do you remember? We were both rooting for the same team, so you approached me. We talked about the moves and the players; criticized the official’s decisions. We had such a great time together that we stayed until we were the last two people at the bar. You were charming and raised my interest. So, when you asked if we can meet again, I immediately accepted. For the next couple of dates, everything seemed to be going just fine. You had just a vibrant personality, you were everything I looked for, and it all seemed too good to be true. Sadly, it was.

Unfourtenetly for me, these few dates alone were enough for me to start falling for you. I almost loved you, and that kept me there, even though I should have bolted. See, as time went by, things changed drastically. You changed drastically. All of a sudden, you were a different person. I was really into you and was beginning to fall for you, but you showed your true colors. And although I should have run away, I stayed. I hoped that this was just a hard time for you, that you would go back to be the person I met at that sports bar. But you never did. After more than a month of putting up with your disrespectful treatment, I gathered the strength to leave you. When I did, you told me that I’ll regret this; that you were the best thing I have ever had. But I am afraid you got it wrong. I am the best thing you never had.

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