BFFs Are So Much Better Than Boyfriends
April 19, 2018
Claire Miles

Romantic relationships are of course always nice, but sometimes it can be rather confusing, messy, and heartbreaking. No matter how long you and your partner have been together, your bestie was probably your bestie even before he came into the picture. Your bestie has been single with you, she’s seen you through all your ups and downs, all your relationships, and you’ve of course seen her and supported her too through everything.

Platonic friendships are truly the earth’s greatest gifts, and boyfriends and girlfriends are like the cherry on top. Right? Are y’all with me on this?  A romantic partner makes things more interesting, but you could totally live without them. Your bestie though? You wouldn’t give her up for the world!

With your bestie, you never had to overthink things. In a new relationship, it’s very common that we second guess our every move, every text message and feels the need to stalk their every move on social media.  With a bestie, there’s no need to have these worries, and they will never, ever, send mixed signals. You can be completely yourself without wearing it. It’s always nice to get dressed up for your partner, but that takes effort and time. With you and your best friend, you can go dressed however you’d like, looking as messy and disheveled as your heart desires and nothing will happen, no judgment will be passed.

Your best friend will also always be honest with you. Your boyfriend or girlfriend, on the other hand, would know better than to tell you they hate your haircut, but your bestie would never have let you get it, to begin with. They will always give you the best advice, with your best interests at heart.

Best friends will unselfishly support each other and their goals, while a romantic partner will often want to be taken into consideration in your big moves. Your bestie will put your happiness before everything.  And the best thing ever? That you can eat literally whatever you want with your bestie. Of course the longer you’re with your partner, the more comfortable you’ll be to eat anything and be less proper, but with your bestie, it’s always and forever that you eat an entire pizza alone.

Best friends also make for the absolute best-shopping partners, while dragging your boyfriend to the mall never works out well. Your bestie knows your style and will also stop you from buying that flower dress you already have.  If you and your bestie fight, you always make up and then joke about it after. But with a partner? It’s less cute when you bring up past arguments.

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