June 13, 2018
Claire Miles

Ever felt that incredibly strong urge to travel the world while your work at your day job? Well, believe it or not, you are so not alone.  And well, now is your time to shine and live your best life. We’re in 2018 people!

This means that working while traveling the word is such a thing. Millennials are now taking off of trips known as bleisure.  Never heard this term? It’s a combination of business and relaxation. Neat.

It may seem rather odd at first thought, since we all dream of leaving work to travel, so why would we choose to bring it with us to paradise? Well, there is, in fact, a way to make it work, really well.

Imagine what it would be like to have the incredible flexibility to work from literally anywhere in the world that your heart desires, rather than your office in the cold and dark basement?  Imagine finishing up your work in and then walking to the beach in Thailand right after, or having a morning surf before a conference call in Hawaii. What if you could live the life you always dreamed of while working and making money at the same time?

Companies are now introducing more flexibility in the workplace, allowing their employees to choose where they would like to work from, and how they would like to work.  The digital nomad has now emerged. It’s a seriously growing trend, and we are so for it.

And truth be told, we really do need a paycheck to pay for all of these adventures, so why not?

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