Blocked Without Closure
May 12, 2019
Jade Kerr

Whenever a relationship ends, regardless of how long it lasted or what it was exactly, we always want to understand why exactly it had to end, right?

We want to know what exactly caused that person to stop wanting to be with us, to stop talking to us and to stop showing an interest in our lives.  You’ve got a billion things going on in your mind and questions you want answered ASAP. But there’s always one main burning question, which is – what happened?

In some cases, the answer is pretty clear cut or we make up all kinds of assumptions and guesses. We stalk their Facebook and Instagram to try to find some clues, and take everything as a sign. Perhaps you even see on social media that they now have someone else already. Maybe that was even the reason they aren’t with you anymore.

It hurts. It burns. But hopefully, this will give you exactly what you need to start carrying on with your life, and understanding that it was for the best. They were nothing but a big waste of your precious, precious time.

This however, is not the case if someone randomly decides to ghost you after you’ve been talking on a regular basis. If someone blocks you out of the blue, with no reason, then no, you will not get that same kind of closure that can help you start to move on. And it sucks.

By them blocking you, they shut out the option of ever really knowing what went on. You can’t stalk them, you can’t ask them, you can’t do anything. And it makes total sense to be upset about this. They really could have been more mature about and talked to you about it instead of just taking the easy way out and running away.

But next time you miss them and feel down about it and not knowing what went on? Just be sure to remind yourself how they treated you, and that they don’t deserve this kind of attention.

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