Breakdown, Then Breakthough
November 6, 2018
Claire Miles

Obstacles are what build us, what teach us, and what perfect us to be who we are ultimately meant to be.  To all of you fighters out there, I know that it’s hard right now. I know that you sometimes doubt yourself whether or not everything is going to be ok.

You are fighting the urge to give up on what you’ve started. You are fighting people who aggravate you, and cause you all those tears. You are fighting a job that pays you close to nothing, and brings you what you feel is nothing but stress.

You are fighting to deal with the loneliness that comes with being single, and don’t believe that your turn for love will ever come.  You are fighting in a world that is always telling you that you are wrong, and that you aren’t good enough.

But know that you are not alone, we’re all going through the same struggles in our own  ways. All of these struggles, all of these breakdowns are exactly what we need right before we can reach our breakthrough. Everything you want is in the making right now.

There will be good days, and there will be bad days. They come and go. But you can’t quit, you are so much closer than you know to getting somewhere so good. You’ve got to breakdown before you can breakthrough.

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