Calling Off The Wedding
June 18, 2018
Jade Kerr

We were together for six years. We took some breaks here and there due to distance, but ultimately we always knew we would end up together no matter what. He was my best friend, our families loved each other, and we had gone through so much together. When he proposed, I was so grateful that we made it to this point after everything, all the ups, and downs. I was ready to really start our lives together, live in one place and know that this is it forever.

We began all the wedding and engagement party planning. It was stressful as any wedding may be, but it was filled with magic, excitement, and love. Both of our parents were perfectionists and devoted tons of time, money, and effort into ensuring it would be the most memorable occasion.

Our engagement party was like a dream. Everything was perfect. Friends and family had come from near and far to celebrate our love, we danced the night away, laughed, cried, drank and ate, and had the night of our lives. Our families and friends gave speeches that made me realize how lucky we are, what an incredible team we make, and how much love and support we have around us.  Friends told me that they hope to one day have what we have.

The wedding was set to be two months later, and everything was ready. It had already felt like we were married after such a memorable engagement party, but that didn’t stop my excitement for the real day.   

A few days before, I had the shock of my life. I still have not come to terms with it and do not want to share it, think about it, or write about it. I felt no choice but to call off the wedding, even after everything. Not only was I heartbroken, hurt, shattered, confused, devastated and angry, but I was also embarrassed.

How does one even call off a wedding right before? What will I tell my family and friends and will we get refunded for the wedding? How could this have possibly happened? How could the person I’ve been with for six years have done such a thing, and how did I not see it before?

I sent an email out to those that attended the engagement party, thanking them for the company and for all of their support, but unfortunately, the wedding will not be taking place, without providing any reasoning. I apologized for the inconvenience and promised to return any gifts that we’re already given.

I was presented with an outpour of shocked, yet loving and caring messages.  I realized that I do not need to apologize, no one is angry and this is the time I need to take for myself. I tried to take some time for myself for a few months, erasing myself from social media and keeping a low profile. I’m trying to understand that everything happens for a reason and be grateful that I found out now, and not after several years down the line when we have a family. It still hurts me every day, but I know that one day I will realize that I did the right thing.

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