Can You Stay Close With Your Ex’s Friends?
August 4, 2018
Alexandra Wade

After my boyfriend and I broke up for the final time, one of the weirdest parts was figuring out how to talk about it with my friends, since we had the same friend group.

There was one specific friend who had in fact introduced me to my boyfriend, and we two of us became really close friends.  When we broke up, it made me wonder and worry about whether or not we could stay friends?

We were in the same sorority, so I did feel like they were more my friends than his friends, but at the same time, we still had endless memories shared as group, and I didn’t know how our breakup would affect my friendships.

We broke up right after we graduated, so I wasn’t forced to see him around. And to my luck, most of our mutual friends agreed with me on most topics, so I felt pretty comfortable talking to them.

But when one of our mutual friends went traveling with him, that’s when things got heated.  He someone convinced her that I had only wanted to become her friend to get closer to him, and of course, she bought his made up story.

So what can I tell you when it comes to staying friends with your ex’s friends? Steer clear of mutual friends, unless you are completely sure that they are fully supportive of you.

You’re best off spending time with those who can really support you. You need to be able to vent, and you shouldn’t have to be told otherwise about any of your feelings.

Hanging out with his friends will also constantly remind you of him, and will make it a much harder and slower process to move on.  Distance yourself from the memories, it’s just not worth it.

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