Can Your Fashion Sense Change Over Time?
April 7, 2023
Laura Lee

Once you find your fashion sense, it is very easy to get attached to it. After all, it is a big part of your identity. However, you will also notice that your fashion is influenced by your age and the things and people around you. This simply means that the fashion sense you had when you were 12 won’t be the same as the fashion sense you have when you are 21. Much like anything in life, your fashion sense changes as you do. So can your fashion sense change? Well, yes it most definitely can. In fact, it will change with time.

Getty Images/Moment/ Tatiana Lavrova

There are a number of reasons why your fashion sense changes over time. One of which is your age. You may not think it but your age plays a big role in what you choose to wear. This is because you tend to shop for things that are within your age group. So when you are younger, you will usually shop in the younger section of the store. When you are older, you will move to the older section. Next, we need to speak about how the influences you have in your life can change your fashion sense. Even though we live in a modern age, we all still look to influencers for fashion inspiration.

This is partly why there are fashion influencers. These people have the job of setting trends and offering fashion tips to their audience. So much so that many of them are actually considered to be fashion icons. Another thing that can change your fashion sense is where you are at in your life. Now yes, this speaks to a lot of things. But to be a bit more specific, it speaks to your growth and mindset. You may not think it but how you think and feel greatly influences your fashion sense.

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