Can’t Put My Mind To Rest
January 12, 2021
Ariella Jacobs

Back when I was younger, around my 20’s, my mind was working 24/7. Everything there was to think about, I did. How will my future look? What will it bring? I thought about all the tasks I had to do and all the goals I had to accomplish. I thought about work, and my studies, and my romantic life – I was restless, working overtime with my mind. To add to that, I couldn’t seem to get anything done on time. Everything I did was last minute, failing to plan and arrange my time correctly. So, while my mind ran the extra mile, the actions didn’t follow the plans in my mind.

I kept postponing things, doing everything at the last possible minute. I got things done eventually, but it was a great inconvenience. I pushed back my sleep, did everything under stress – all because I wasn’t able to arrange my time right. I tried everything – pushed myself in my mind, started the task the day before, but kept postponing it more and more until it was truly urgent. And, even when I did manage to do things in advance and saw just how convenient it was, I wasn’t able to maintain this behavior.

I decided I have had enough. It was time to take responsibility, to help my mind rest. There is no reason why I should always think about things that I shouldn’t worry about in the near future. A lot of the things I think about are a burden that I carry around with me for no apparent reason. Yes, often we have to think about our future, but not obsessively and all the time. We should also focus on the positive things in life and not the negative. Instead of thinking about what we didn’t do or chose, we should look at the road we did take and everything we gained from it.

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