Chic Ways To Style A Button Down Shirt
April 29, 2023
Laura Lee

Are you tired of repeating outfits while the prices of good quality clothing brands reach beyond the sky? This is your queue to dig out that boring white linen button-down you have pushed down to the very bottom of your pile of disappointing clothes that fail to provide the ultimate jaw-dropping fit. Iron it out and style it differently! The easiest way to style a boring white button-down is to pair it up with a colorful and cozy sweater.

Getty images/DigitalVision/Flashpop

Layer it up so that the sweater covers most of it but provides the perfect sneak peek in the form of a protruding collar or sleeves neatly cuffed on the outside of the sweater’s sleeve. Additionally, pair it with a cute little handbag and shoes depending on where you are headed. Remember to never compromise on comfort is vital! The second option to change up the white button-down look would be to pair it up with some sexy matte leather pants, unique and unlike the traditional everyday denim. Tuck the shirt in neatly and let a few buttons from the chest loose. To spice up the outfit, turn it into a mix of western and eastern. Add an antique neckpiece, preferably an oxidized silver necklace, to make the otherwise bland and minimal-looking button-down stand out.

Another way to style the white button-down could be to dress formally but cover it in baggy neutrals. After all, who said that dressing formally always meant painfully blending in? Tuck your white linen button down in wide-legged beige office culottes. Proceed to add an oversized brown coat to the outfit to walk into your workplace with style.
Lastly, unbutton the white button-down all the way and accessorize it with the ultimate shimmery slip dress. Tie a messy knot by bringing both ends of the unbuttoned shirt together below your chest. Pull it slightly off the shoulder to show off the beautiful neckline of your dress and some skin if you want.

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