Chose A Man That Knows Your Worth
October 11, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

I will always compare the men I will date after you, to you. You have become my standard for what I am willing to accept, and what I am not. So for that, thank you. Thank you for helping me realize my worth.

For those men that I will date after you, I will of course compare to you, and the things that you complained about that you always thought I did wrong. Those things? I’m sure other men will absolutely love. Just like you hated the food I made, they will adore it and will appreciate every bite.  The things that annoyed you so much, won’t matter to the other men.

The men about to enter my life will accept me for who I am, and the way I am, because now I know to chose wisely. I will know how to find men who will appreciate being around me and having me present.

I will chose men who respect me in the exact way that you didn’t. These men will love me in the way that you never could have. They won’t know you, and won’t understand what the two of us went through, but I will still – always compare them to you.

These men will thank you for letting me go, and helping me understand what I truly deserve. These men will know what it’s like to date a girl that truly knows and values her worth.

There are so many people out there, that while one person will take precious things for granted, another will see the beauty in it and will be so grateful for it, for me.

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