Clashing of Different Personalities
October 24, 2020
Alexandra Wade

It can be extremely frustrating to communicate with people who are not on the same page as you, people who have a different view on life. I, unfortunately, encountered this situation multiple times. When I was in middle school, I made friends with this one girl. At first, we seemed to click, to understand each other. She even assimilated into my friend group. However, as time went by, she started revealing more and more parts of herself, of her personality, that didn’t match with the person I thought I knew. Her true personality was more prominent with each passing day, and it’s safe to say this was a change I didn’t appreciate. So, while in the past we seemed to communicate well, after this change, it all disappeared. Now, we couldn’t agree about anything. We both had widely different personalities that kept clashing again and again.

See, my personality isn’t easy either. I tend to be a considerate person, often at my own expense. I want to help and satisfy others, even if my own wants and needs aren’t met. She, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She seemed to do whatever it was she pleased, without caring how it will affect others. I remember this one time we made plans with some other friends, and while on the way, she decided to stop and enter her favorite shoe store, not giving a second thought to the fact that people are waiting for her. There were many other times in which we didn’t seem to on the same page. Eventually, I understood that there is no way around it – we are just completely different people. No matter how much we are both going to try, we, and our personalities, will clash. Looking back, I wonder if that was the right choice or whether we should have tried harder. Throughout our lives, we are going to encounter people that are different from us. They can be friends or family, and when we do, we must think about whether this relationship is worth the effort.

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