Clever Questions To Ask On A First Date
August 29, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Yet another first date where you’re expected to ask the same exact, basic questions, where you still feel like you haven’t actually learned anything about who this person is. Been there?

For any of you who have felt this way, then great. Now that were on all the same page, here’s some exciting news. Your first date questions don’t actually have to be the same every time.  There are many clever questions to ask that will serve as a complete game changer.

You can ask them how they see themselves, whether they consider themselves an introvert or an extrovert, and what others see them to be? It’s always interesting to see if the two match up, and can give you a unique understanding of their nature.

Rather than asking them how they like to spend their free time, a better question can be something along the lines of ‘what’s something your’e looking forward to next week?’. It can give you a much broader understanding of what they really like to do and it shows them you are really interested in getting to know them.

And don’t be afraid to dig even further and ask them what’s on their bucket list. This will indicate to you what they are striving for in life.  Even try asking them what time period they dream of visiting.

Ask them what home means for them, ask them what the last thing they bragged about and see how they are when they talk about themselves and if take pride in themselves, or cross the boundaries and simply take themselves too seriously.

How about asking them what advice would they give their high school self? This can give you a lot of perspective on how they feel about the choices they’ve made and how (and if) they’ve matured in their adult years. Ask them where they see themselves in 10 years.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that are out of the box. You will only be doing yourself a favor, and them too.

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