Climb Up From Rock Bottom
March 24, 2019
Laura Lee

Life can be real tough, whatever it may be that came and hit you hard. If you’ve opened up this up, then clearly something went wrong, whatever it may be – perhaps you got your heart broken, perhaps you got fired, perhaps you lost someone close to your heart.

Whatever it may be, it hurts, real hard. There’s no secret, or to-do list in order to make things better, especially since we’re all so incredibly different. Not only are we all different, but all of our situations are so different.

All you can really do is remind yourself constantly how strong you truly are. Think about everything you’ve ever done, and all of the tough obstacles you’ve already managed to face. Think of all the reasons you should be proud of yourself, and try to let that take over your sadness, whatever it may be.

Find yourself some useful coping mechanisms. Surround yourself with family and friends if that will do you good. Write in your journal, blast some music. Make sure that whatever will make you feel better, that you’re doing it. Accept the fact that it’s going to be hard, and that you might lose it. That’s alright. You’re still normal. We were made to feel.

Stop putting a timeline on yourself and how much longer it will take you to move on. Allow yourself to take this time.  There’s no amount of time that anyone can tell you is right. Keep trying to move forward at your own pace and in your own way, and things will slowly but surely come into place.

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