Climbing The Corporate Ladder
August 13, 2022
Laura Lee

It can often seem as though all you need in this world is to be young, motivated, and passionate to get what you want. But it isn’t always like that. In fact, we know it’s not like that because the world shows us constantly. Climbing up the corporate ladder isn’t any different. No matter how much passion you have for what you do and how many hours you put in, it can still be very difficult. So much so that there are so many people who give up halfway and simply settle. But this doesn’t have to be you. You don’t have to settle. Instead, you need to know how to go about it.

The first step to climbing the corporate ladder would be to have your actions speak for you. What does this mean exactly? Well, this means that you can’t be all talk. You have to show people that you have the knowledge and drive that you speak about. This can easily be seen in the quality of your work and your engagement with your colleagues. This brings us to the next point, being a people person. Climbing the corporate ladder requires you to almost be a social butterfly. If you are an introvert then this might be a bit challenging but you can always try.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Hinterhaus Productions

It is important to be a social butterfly in the corporate world because sometimes it is not what you know but who you know that’s important. This simply means that you need to build relationships that can help take you to the top. Try speaking to everyone within your department then branch out to other people and so on and so on. With this, you will also want to attend all social mixers even if you only stay for an hour or so. Lastly, you need to be confident. People believe in you when they see that you believe in yourself.

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