Closure Means Letting Go
May 25, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

Some of us look for closure our entire lives. We come up with different ways in our minds that we’ll be able to get there if we just do x,y, and z. We convince ourselves that there’s some kind of magic formula that’s going to make it all better and get us to where we want to be. We think that maybe once we meet someone else, or get a so-called proper explanation from the person that hurt us, then we’ll have exactly what we need to get that closure and move on. But sometimes, the best and simplest kind of closure is letting go, and coming to peace with yourself, and the pain that you went through. Let go, and allow yourself to experience fresh, new adventures that will help heal your scars. 

Perhaps the memories will fill your thoughts and your heart with anger, but one day, the thought of that person, won’t be the same. Hearing their name won’t have the same effect on you as it does right now. It will just be another name that no longer has meaning to you. One day, all of those memories won’t mean as much to you. You’ll get there. Closure means letting go – releasing all the negativity and instead, using that energy to better yourself. Anger won’t help you close that chapter of your life. Forgiveness surely will though. 

Allow yourself to feel everything you need, and express everything you want to say. Distance yourself from your past experiences. Closure means taking control over your life and not allowing someone from the past to take over.  Closure doesn’t mean you need to figure everything out and make sense of it all. It means finding your inner strength and letting it carry you as you continue your journey.  That’s what it’s really about – and that’s the only way you’ll really ever get there. 

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