Constantly Texting Your Partner Is Unhealthy
November 10, 2018
Laura Lee

Many of us are guilty of texting our partner way too often. Even if they are work, and we know they are busy, we are totally incapable of helping ourselves.  It becomes a habit, but in some cases, it can become an unhealthy one.

Perhaps a constant need to text way to a sign that there’s a problem? Of course one should hope that you and your partner likes to stay in contact and keep each other updated as much as possible. For some, that’s just the rhythm of the relationships. But sometimes, there is a difference between a healthy amount, and the sign of a much deeper problem.

For a relationship to be a healthy one, there needs to be clear boundaries set when it comes to communication. Of course, it’s good to text with your bae. But if you feel like you can’t function and carry on with your daily tasks without talking to them at all times, then there’s a problem, such as one of self-esteem or of needing more assurance in the relationship.  It can also be a lot more exciting to wait until the end of the day to tell each other everything face-to-face.

Constantly texting your partner could mean that you are anxious when you are not with them, and that your partner is your everything. It is important that you give them the time of day, but that you also have other things going on in your life and other things that you care about.  It can also be a sign of distrust towards your partner if you are always checking up on them.

If your partner and you both have a mutual understanding that texting all day is your way of showing your love, then great. But if they aren’t able to keep up with your pace, and it’s making you upset, then perhaps the situation needs to be looked at.

Ultimately, its up to the two of you to decide what pace works best for your relationships, even if its less or more than the average. As long as both of you are happy and also have time to focus and develop yourselves at the same time.

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