Could Blake Lively Bring These Sandals Back In Style?
June 3, 2021
Penelope Trent

Blake Lively is a street-style icon. Becoming famous for playing the super fashionista Serena Van-Der Woodsen, Lively maintains her status as one of the women with the best taste in the industry. Lively is known not to use the services of a stylist, has a refined taste, and is a trend-setter. So much so that she recently made us doubt ourselves when she wore one particular shoe trend that we thought was rather fleeting and unnecessary. This footwear choice is a rather polarizing one and, due to its nature, transparent.

That footwear is… the jelly sandals! For several seasons now, every once in a while, fashion sites declare the return of the jelly sandals, take an ambivalent stand towards the comeback of this ugly-nostalgic item, and continue to the next retro trend. However, in a recent appearance in the streets of New York City in fisherman jelly sandals, Lively has single-handedly caused the resurgence of the shoe you most likely owned in the past. Lively wore her jelly sandals with a printed maxi dress from Mango that looks as comfy as ever, a striped Aritzia coat, and a $7,050 Louis Vuitton handbag.

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