Couples All Around Me
August 29, 2020
Alexandra Wade

When I was in high school, around age 16, couples started to emerge around me. Up until then, couples were a rare sight¬†in our class, but it all changed that year. All of a sudden, a mutual interest started on both sides, and people started going out on dates and couple up. Before I could realize it, all the people around me went on dates and had partners. From single people around me, there were suddenly only couples. Slowly I started seeing the meaning of it, the consequences. Suddenly, my friends weren’t available all of the time. Suddenly, my friends had other problems and things in their minds. Suddenly, there was another person next to them. It didn’t bother me so much at first. However, over time, I started feeling the consequences more and more. I felt alone, without someone next to me, without someone to love me. It seemed as if everyone around me had found someone, and I was all alone.

So, I¬†believed this is what I needed – this is what was missing. To be happy again and feel better, I had to find a partner. I knew that there was a guy in my class that liked me, so I finally accepted his date invitation. Although he was sweet, I didn’t necessarily like him that way. But, soon enough, after our first date, I found myself in a relationship with him. In the beginning, it felt great. Finally, I too had someone that cared for me and loved me, and back then, it didn’t feel wrong. I thought that I had genuine feelings for this boy, but I was mistaken. What happened was I saw everyone around me coupling up, and I wanted it too. I rushed myself into something because other people had it, and I didn’t. When it comes to love and relationships, it is best to think everything through and never rush into something that you aren’t ready for.

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