Couples That Cuddle
November 29, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Sometimes, a good cuddle can go a very long way, and there’s no doubt that cuddling can make or break a relationship.  Cuddling is one of the most intimate things.

It’s the most physically close position you can possibly get, and it’s like a hug that is prolonged. Cuddling is completely essential to living a healthy life, just ask a baby (if they could talk, of course).  Babies can actually die if they don’t get enough physical affection. Relationships are very similar, we need love, affection, and constant cuddles.

Not only is cuddling healthy, but it’s also fun.  Getting tangled up in each other always makes for a laugh, and it’s a very playful activity. Cuddling means enduring each other’s terrible morning breathe, which is basically the meaning of true love.

Cuddling creates this special bond between the two of you. When your bodies are smushed together, there’s no way you can’t feel that spark of closeness.  Cuddling is also super easy. It doesn’t require doing anything that makes you vulnerable, there are no worries involved, no big decisions involved, just the two of you, blissfully holding each other tight in bed.

Cuddling allows you to focus on each other. You won’t be scrolling through your social media feed while cuddling. While cuddling, all you are doing is thinking about each other, which is vital in keeping the connection between the two of you healthy. It’s beautiful.

Cuddle all day, all night.

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