Date Nights At Home
January 8, 2022
Jade Kerr

Dating can be expensive. At the beginning of any new relationship we need to make an effort, we get all dressed up and go out to fancy restaurants and movies, maybe museums, or fun activities like mini-golf or bowling. But at some point, we’re aware of the hole that’s beginning to burn in our pockets, and we need to turn it down a notch. However, we don’t want things to get boring and just end up watching TV. So we’ve put together some fun ideas for dates that you can have at home. You can still have a great time with each other while keeping the budget low.

The first idea is a classic; you can cook a gourmet meal together. Even if cooking isn’t your forte, this quality time together in the kitchen will be a learning curve for both of you, and can be especially fun if you have the perfect playlist to go with it. Pick up some candles when you get your groceries, and set the scene to reap the fruits of your labor together. You can also challenge each other to a bake-off competition; pick a recipe that neither of you has ever tried making before, and ready, set, bake!

Getty Images/Moment/Jasmin Merdan

Take an online class together, this could be anything from learning a new language, practicing yoga, or even learning a new skill. If you can get your hands on some cheap paint supplies, why not try a step-by-step couples’ paint tutorial. Even if you’re not creative, with a multitude of tutorials out there you’d be surprised by what you can produce. Upload your pics to social media, and see if people can guess who painted what.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy kind of couple, but the weather’s not the best, why not have a go at some indoor camping? You can set up a tent in the lounge, bring in some cushions and sleeping bags, and hang up some fairy lights to mimic the stars. At-home karaoke is also a great idea. With almost any song available on YouTube, crack up the volume, and sing together to your heart’s content. And with no one else to hear you, you’ll probably feel super comfortable belting out your favorite tune.

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