Dealing With Your First Heartbreak
October 10, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

You probably feel like the world is falling apart, crashing down, and everything you believed in is coming down with it.  You probably are doubting yourself, and if you will ever love again, and if you will ever truly be loved. You’ll destroy yourself over everything small thing about yourself and will hate yourself for it.

You’ve got to allow yourself to cry. Get down on your knees and sob for what you feel you’ve lost.  But when your tears dry up, because they will, you’ve got to get yourself back up. If you’re not strong enough, then find something or someone to lean on. And you don’t need to do this overnight. Take your time. Baby steps. It’s going to be ok.

Find comfort in those that you love. Hug your family and friends, and anyone that will make you feel safe, warm, and at home. Never forget that there are so many forms of love and that romantic love is not everything. Those around us mean so much, and they still exist, and still love you, so, so much. They are hurting for you too.

Play some sad music, listen to some heavy death metal filled with screaming and anger. Listen to a song that makes you want to have a dance party all by yourself in your bedroom.  Take out a journal and pour out your heart. Then burn it all in a fireplace and watch as your heartache slowly fades away.

Keep yourself busy, make plans with friends, and keep yourself active. Hit up the gym, go on a hike, take a dance class or spin class, listen to the sound of your own breathe and make yourself feel alive again.

Let yourself go and don’t be afraid.

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