Define Your Own Success
April 22, 2019
Claire Miles

Stop looking around at others to help you measure your success. It’s your own, it’s personal, and it means something different from person to person.  There is no one ideal of success, there is no one sold definition or number that equates to success.

For some, it might mean a full time, high paying job. For others, it may even mean knowing the way to work without thinking twice. For others, it may mean knowing exactly what their place and expectations are in the workplace. Perhaps that is what makes some people happy and comfortable.  For others, success may mean being independent.

For some, their passion means a lot more than what’s in their pocket. Perhaps you are capable of having both, and that’s your feeling of success. Perhaps that feeling of knowing that you are doing what you love is what makes you feel successful and motivates you to get up every day and get going.

For others, success is completely nonwork or career-related. Perhaps success is getting the chance to travel the world, to meet all kinds of new people and experience new adventures every day. Perhaps that’s what gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Others may believe that success only comes once they have a big house with a garden, a partner, a few kids, and of course, a dog too. Perhaps that’s your wild adventure and what makes you feel successful.

And maybe, what success means for you has yet to be defined. That’s completely fine. Perhaps success is just a feeling that can’t be described in just a few simple words. Whatever your success may be, make it a comparison to only yourself and do what you want to to be.

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